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Storm Surge Chapter 15

Outlaw Queen.  Latest chapter has mini smut.  Precurse AU where Regina is found by Robin Hood and nursed back to health.  Partly due to the younger Hood, Robin sees a side to Regina very few see and thanks to circumstances bringing them together, they grow closer and closer.

Storm Surge Chapter 15, an once upon a time fanfic

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Chapter 15

Robin’s eyes fluttered open, the morning light bathing the cabin in a soft, yellow glow. He glanced to his left expecting to see Regina there but found her gone. Sitting up quickly, he grabbed his pants, panic setting in. Just then the door opened and she walked in. Relief flooded him, his mind went to the earlier danger, one assassin they had defeated but could there be more? He never did find out why that man was after him or whomever this Rowan person was that she mentioned.

Standing up, he walked behind her, wrapping his arms around her. “Morning.” She went rigid. Taking a step back, he waited for her to turn around. “Regina, what’s wrong? What were you doing outside?”

Last night had been amazing, better than amazing. It wasn’t just sex, hell, he didn’t even think it was just love making. Having her in his arms, the real Regina, opening up and giving her entire self to him was the greatest gift he’d probably ever received after Roland.

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