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Robin’s backstory

Robin’s Backstory

Chapter Three (Robin’s backstory) of You Were Missed series.

Those that are reading Storm Surge, I am not forsaking that. It’s just this idea came to me and I loved it so much I may choose to always believe it’s Robin’s backstory. You can assume it’s his for Storm Surge though it really does more for canon Regina from Storybrooke.   What if Robin’s father found out he wasn’t really his son?  

"What are you doing here?" Regina asked annoyed.

Robin smiled. It had only been a couple of months since their return to the enchanted forest, but usually just the mere sight of him set her teeth on edge. She was in her private library, a sanctuary she used when she got fed up with dealing with everyone else in her castle. Sometimes Robin suspected it might be specifically to get away from him.

He wished he could feel the same. When she first showed up with Snow White, she’d been quite rude even after he saved her from that flying monkey. He tried to approach her later, perhaps they’d just gotten off on the wrong foot, but she’d have none of it. She called him a glorified burglar who smelled like he slept in the trees. This prompted him to reply that at least he wasn’t decked out in enough silk to blanket the forest. If the princess hadn’t come running to get between them, he was sure he’d be charred to a crisp by now.

Once he had entered the tower with her, things were different. He saw the pain she was in, clearly she missed her son and Robin knew that alone would be enough to devastate the strongest person. What worried Robin was Regina seemed content to wallow in that devastation. She didn’t want to move on, she wanted to hold onto it. The Charmings would reach out to her but it seemed to bother her even more when they spoke of Henry and he wasn’t sure why.

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Makeup sex. At least like the taco scene with Snowing. Like implied. Can you imagine Regina so giggly

I really need this scene, okay? They kiss again for the first time,…

*jumping into the conversation*

Before Marian came back and screwed everything up, I imagined Regina and Robin (and Roland) sitting with Snowing and Henry (maybe a couple of others).  David asks Robin what is his favorite thing in Storybrooke of this world and w/o missing a beat he says “the beds.”  And Regina is flabbergasted and her mouth drops open at the implication.  Then  he sees her face,  is confused and realizes what they must think but he was just thinking the beds in general.  LOL.

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Storm Surge Chapter 11, an once upon a time fanfic | FanFiction

Newest chapter is up.  As I said before, this story is set precurse Regina in her mad quest for Snow White, foolishly tries looking for her in a storm but that’s okay because a rugged but fair minded outlaw who smells like forest is nearby and rescues her.  He’s not that thrilled once he realizes he saved the evil queen but Roland is there to cut the tension because the dear boy makes squirrel cones and has those dimples your fingers get stuck in so please read it cause it sounds better than I’m describing it.

Chapter eleven we have our second favorite type of OQ.  The bickering kind.

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